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I am experiencing the most difficult time in my entire 35 years of life. My dad died in an motorcycle accident,& grandmother, & daughter. Literally my boyfriend of 12 years was the only person I had to provide support, but currently I don’t even have that. For 3 weeks he has been giving me the silent treatment, ? I want to make sure that my boyfriend of 12+ years & I are going to work things out?? ? & when, ?lastly, does he does STILL love me ONLY? 7/10/1986&1/9/1982.
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Tay - Psychics Directory
Hi Brittany I can pull a few cards for you tomorrow, if you're available! I only charge $3 for this reading! I have a new deck I can pull out for this reading !
Michail Q - Psychics Directory
Michail Q
The problem I see on your part, that makes the other person want to bail on you, is the way you communicate with them. I see you both wanting a fresh start and as nice your intention is, the way you communicate with this person is very fast, sharp and edgy. Your advice is to be more slow, soft and thoughtful. Take your time to respond to them. Do not rush it. Also, this person feels like, nothing they try to offer you is ever good enough for you and that it leads to conflict. Thats why they turn silent.
Kimberley Parker - Psychics Directory
Kimberley Parker
Hello dear one I am so sorry things are so challenging at the moment , I asked my guides for clarity around your current energy and I m shown yours is a very loving, nurturing and supportive energy you prioritise loved ones needs above your own to the point of draining yourself! And Spirit wants you to learn that you have enough internal strength to cope & need to focus on healing your energy I can help with a few recommendations if you wish Your BF I am shown is committed to you but has his own journey also.
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Tarot King
Yes , he still loves you very much , and i do see things working out in the long-term , with both of you having greatr resilence and definance in the face of difficulties with many rewards coming your way , sp don't give up tough times don't last tough people do , this is just a rough patch in this relationship
Xiaoxiao - Psychics Directory
Dear Britt,

I am so sorry for your lost. It must be a really hard time for you to go through this period. I don't know what else to say for comforting you but encourage you.
May your family find their peace in another space. They may have another mission to attend there. But for you Britt, there must something else for you on our earth, worthy of waiting and you will be sonn strong enough to face at difficulties and embrace your treat. I am sure about that.
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anna rita
Dear Britt,
yes, you will be able to overcame this difficult time, a gift is on your way, and your life can take a new path, if you just accept this gift and pay attention to yourself and your wellbeing. I can't go deeper in this space, but seems that your boyfriend is in difficulties as well, and needs time alone.