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I have been feeling a number of different types of Energies and I feel I may be a star seed. Or a light worker or even an angel. I feel like I need to raise my vibration and ascend. Can you give my any validation on the way I have been feeling? Or tell me what path to need to take to figure out my purpose. My biggest birthday is 06/11/1985 born in Coatesville, PA at 8:01am.
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Both of you actually gave me clarity. I think I am a light worker also. I believe meditation, nature and natural light are all things that bring me power and clarity. My answers will be revealed with patience, over time. And Anna, I believe you are 100% correct about the transformation occurring within my spirit, mind and body. Emotionally I am sound also. I know I am on my right life path. I am just riding the wave right now. I let go of the old to make room for the new. Enlightenment is a beautiful breakdown justto light up!
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Michal Ico
I feel that you are a light worker and you are already fulfilling your purpose just by being here on this Earth even if you donĀ“t feel it yet. Your path will be revealed to you soon and there is no need to hurry. Try to find a quiet space everyday and listen to your inner voice- your inner guide. It also helps a lot to go out to the nature and to receive as much sun light as you can. I also feel some Lemurian energy around you so if you like you can connect with them

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anna rita
Dear Angela, I have examinated yor question with numerology and tarots.
You are feeling a great transformation, and this is quite unconfortable, because your points of references are fading away and you need to built new foundations for your life. But this will lead you to discover your strenght and the spiritual gifts you where born with. It is only a matter of time, and you will be happy because you will relay on your own judgment and will be consciuos of your true unique yourself. You already are in your right life path.