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Who are my spirit guides? I have the overwhelming feeling that I need to know this, but I don’t know why or where this thought even came from.
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Kerri

Rhawnie - Psychics Directory
I would need to actually talk to you to get a sense of who is guiding or watching over you spiritually. However if this has been weighing on your mind it is probably because a part of you would like to know you on a more spiritual level. Knowing your spirit guide can help you find out why you do everyday things the way you do it can also give you more knowledge about the person you are.
Tammy B Jones - Psychics Directory
Tammy B Jones
Kerri, You should be able to recognize your Spirit Guides. Use your 5 senses. Smell, touch, sight, feel, hear. Take time in the moment without rushing anxiously or giving up. When you feel a presence or since something around you close your eyes and with your eyelids shut start to put together all those traits and your Spirit Guide will reveal itself to you with memory of them. TRUST YOUR FIRST THOUGHT!!! Without speaking to your energy, seeing your voice as if its a story without you even saying a word, I can help! I DO BLIND READINGS,. Contact me!
PyshicSue - Psychics Directory
It could be your guides are trying to let you know they are around you, just try speaking to them and see if you get a reply through your 3rd eye