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In need of guidance need advice
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Laura DelRossi - Psychics Directory
Laura DelRossi
I am channeling feelings of confusion and lost from you. Are you facing a tough decision? I can help you by providing a personalized tarot card and oracle card reading.
Tammy B Jones - Psychics Directory
Tammy B Jones
Your thought vibrations are all over the place, there's a divine presence flowing in every direction around you. Protection will come from your past life guides. There's misinformation about love from your parents or a partner from your past, making it impossible to trust. Also new love & friendship coming soon, plus accepting love and romance will remove bad blockage from your old frustrations. No more feeling injustice, now is the time to change from struggling career or relocate. I see a birthday or a baby celebration is soon to come, embrace the experience with family friends!
Rebecca - Psychics Directory
Hello! I will gladly pull a card for you. You didnt specify in what area, so I will just ask for general advice. Ok so what your needing guidance on im getting that you just have to have faith. What your questioning could really change your life for the better. Hope this helps. For a full reading let me know ID be glad to help more.