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Hi I would like to know if anyone could be able to reach my love who just passed away a few weeks ’s a lot of things I would like to say to him and a lot of un answered questions I want to ask if anyone could reach him let me know so I can get a reading from need some closure because my life is currently a mess.
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Emma Madere  - Psychics Directory
Emma Madere
I am sorry to hear that you’re loved one has passed. I’m getting something from an older gentleman right now as I’m reading this question, I’m not sure that this is your loved one but I’m hearing something about money, I’m also seeing a flash of a car and somebody’s little puppy. If this sounds like it could be your loved one I would be happy to do a full reading. It sounds like they are trying to tell you to stay strong and they love you dearly. Thank you.
simone - Psychics Directory
hello and sorry for your loss. i can absolutly help you conect with him please feel free to email me the email is on my profile page. i can feel a deep pain comming from you. i understand what you are going through.
Tammy B Jones - Psychics Directory
Tammy B Jones
You need a medium, which I am not. But using the ancestors oracle deck the moon card came about first, and it wants you to know that you can use your on intuitions and discernment. Take time to reflect on your question and what would he say if he was here to respond, remember his mannerism, then ignite your passions. The knight card was next and it means to be brave and honest with how he would respond. He wants you to grow within your current situation he is willing to communicate. So surround yourself in his protective energy.