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I am experiencing the most difficult time in my entire 35 years of life. My dad died in an motorcycle accident,& grandmother, & daughter. Literally my boyfriend of 12 years was the only person I had to provide support, but currently I don’t even have that. For 3 weeks he has been giving me the silent treatment, ? I want to make sure that my boyfriend of 12+ years & I are going to work things out?? ? & when, ?lastly, does he does STILL love me ONLY? 7/10/1986&1/9/1982.
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Tammy B Jones - Psychics Directory
Tammy B Jones
You two share similar difficulties with depression. He has only step back for just a little while to search for his happy place Its time to listen to him as he done four you. Your frustrations in life are not happening to you but for you. Grief allows you to heal, and you should remember with love rather than pain. You're not the only one hurting. You've unknowingly given your power to grief, soon you will find your way and be able to take hold of your emotions to become part of what made you two fall in love again.

Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I am so very sorry for your losses, Britt. I laid out cards for you and I see King of Cups --you MUST get some professional help to deal with your tragedy. I see also ace of Pentacles reversed, you are feeling all over the place, devastated by what has happened. Finally, whether your BF still loves you or not, he is NOT being there for you. 2 of Pentacles reversed, for now at least he is not being supportive. When things ease up for you, talk to him about it but for now--get help for YOU.