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I am trying to reconcile during a hard divorce 6 months in, I keep trying with no luck. Is there any point to continue? I love my wife it’s got very hard to let go.
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Elizabeth S - Psychics Directory
Elizabeth S
The Star card is calling you to Let Go of the Tower card (where everything fell apart). You cannot force another's feelings. Focus on the positive this relationship brought. Allow yourself to feel feelings of love you felt when the relationship was at its best, even if times are tough right now. Feelings create things/actions/events. If you focus on what is wrong, you will continue on a path of what is wrong. Focus on feeling love, trust the Universe and the perfect person will join you. Whether that is your wife or another; only the Universe can tell.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I pulled the Justice card reversed: you are trying too hard to be "fair": you keep thinking that if you change enough, she will come back to is being unfair to yourself as well as her. You want a love that does not exist between you and probably never did. If you must turn into a pretzel to please her, it is not love.

I pulled the King of Wands which indicates that you are a good person, and capable of being a good husband. Move on from your wife and find someone who appreciates who you ARE.
Helen Harker - Psychics Directory
Helen Harker
I'm so sorry what you're going through, but I feel it might be time to move on she clearly is angry at the moment and don't forget she's going through the divorce too, I feel if you stop trying she might want to talk when she calm down give her some space and see what happens you might be surprised what's to and light x