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I had an experience that was absolutely amazing . I felt a wave of love completely go thru my body . It was like all the love I’ve ever felt ever multiplied thousands of times over. I’m not sure how long it lasted and I was afraid I had died because the feeling was that intense . I would like to know what caused this . I definitely feel this was a message of some sort but I’m having a hard time figuring it out on my own
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Lynn Smith - Psychics Directory
Lynn Smith
This is absolutely amazing. I can feel the awe from you while reading you and I can pick on the energy of an Angel around you. During these times, Mercury is getting closer and closer with Pluto, the Lord of the underworld they say, but mainly Pluto makes the veils thinner and Mercury, obviously is communicating from the other side. This presence you felt and I can feel around you, could be of an actual Angel, Guardian Angel, or an Ancestor from the other side trying to make their presence known to you as a Spirit guide.

ŠPELA HORJAK - Psychics Directory
Your heart is re-opening like a beautiful flower under the morning sun. For too long your heart has been closed. There is something new out there, waiting for you to notice it. It might be in the form of a new relationship, love, or you simply need to create. Creations come in all forms, from a beautiful baby to a world-class art masterpiece. Listen to your heart, because this feeling of pure, unconditional love is coming from within you, trying to wake you up, and show you there´s still space for love, beauty, and happiness in your life. Tarot

Amanda Wilson - Psychics Directory
Amanda Wilson
The universe was recognizing the spiritual work you have been doing with yourself. The feeling of overwhelming love is their gift for you. It comes in a time of comfort and need. It is a nod toward a new path or wisdom. It is telling you to keep your eye on the prize. Implement new ideas if needed. Plus know that the universe is proud of your spiritual commitment.