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I want to talk to my best friend , Is she around me ? Is there any thing she wants to say ?
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I am hearing a song, it's a pop song that I can't quite put my finger on, but definitely feel like it's associated with a movie - it's like one of the musical vibes. I see the colour pink around her, but perhaps more of a joke. And I am not sure what the reference is with the hair-tie/scrunchie, but she's showing me this and laughing. I feel that of course you had a lot of laughter together, but more so that you had your own jokes and sense of humour that was truly your own. sending love
Sabrina  - Psychics Directory
That which you truly desire requires a larger commitment from yourself. Whether the block is physical, emotional or mental you must put in the effort to make your wish a reality.
I chose to read from my natures whispers cards for you since I felt an animal connection in your question.
Aiyesha - Psychics Directory
Dear Tabatha, your best friend is trying to tell you to look beyond the illusion that is in front of you and accept what things that truly are. The challenges you may be facing ahead are tuned to help you evolve not only on a personal level but also on a soul level. Not everything is for you to bear as a burden there are some things you must let go of to ascend further. Be wary of your close family and relatives not everyone has a pure intention towards you. She often is with you when you walk.