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What is his true feelings about me and our relationship
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Vicki dando  - Psychics Directory
Vicki dando
Hi I did an oracle pull for you and it is telling me that this person is honourable kind and ambitious, a great friend and companion, some one who will stick by your side
Michelle Davis - Psychics Directory
Michelle Davis
Hello Jessica!
I am a tarot reader and asked what are your partner’s feelings about the relationship.
There is a drive for the relationship to move and grow. The current state seems good. There are ups and downs, but the partnership and love seems pretty good. You want to go deeper with the relationship but he is defensive. Maybe due to pasts hurts that leave him on guard.
I’m getting that he is pretty guarded. A lot of hurt in the past.
Overall, outcome looks good. Just have to work though his blocks
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I get the 10 of pentacles--he feels very much at home with you. But 9 of Wands--he is very guarded. Did he just get out of a bad relationship (Before yours?) It may take a while for him to come around to you. 6 of Swords--he is opening up. The only caution I must add is do not let him project his negative feelings about an ex on you. If the relationship is not working for YOU after a time, it is time for you to move on.