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Hello there… I want to ask about my ex boyfriend. Does he still remembering me and also about me current partner that how much he loves me
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Your ex may be the one who initiated the break up and the trigger was things that you have said that may be too straightforward and had hurt his feelings ( might be your outburst of emotions at that point of time ). You two hold different values and perspectives in life causing the disharmony. He has moved on to find the one with the right match or he might want to focus on his entrepreneurship/new position in a business. Your current partners does love you loyally as you two hold common values in life and has ongoing passion.
harshita  - Psychics Directory
Hello Gurpreet,
The answer to the first question is No.
Your Ex seems to be focusing on his life.

And whereas your current partner is concerned,
Yes he is dedicated to you.
but i should request you to be equally dedicated to him by not
focusing on it may ruin your current affairs.

Natsuko-Luna - Psychics Directory
Using tarot, I feel a little resentment from your ex. He's trying to bury himself in work so he doesn't have to think about you. Your current, on the other hand, has a lot of feelings for you but is afraid to show them. The cards indicate he is getting mixed signals from you.