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I need to know if the energy I’m picking up is true about my boyfriend or if it’s just my fears clouding up the energy and making it something it’s not. I need clarity and the truth about what’s going on with him and in regards to our connection. Thank you in advance for your time and insight!
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Severus - Psychics Directory
The energetic connection you perceive is real, always rely on your inner guidance and open yourself to the connection without having any doubts.
You may be on a Twin Flame path, but I would need a thorough analysis of your situation, at present I cannot say more because the information necessary for a precise and detailed reading is lacking. I hope to be proved
Lauren Flocco - Psychics Directory
Lauren Flocco
I believe that you are projecting your fear into the situation based on past heartbreak. I think you are very concerned about being lied to so you find it hard to believe him. I think that you are worried about it ending and think he is too good to be true. Patience and trust are required for this connection to move forward.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
I think a lot is of this is about your fears. I get the 9 of cups --wishes coming true--and also 2 of wands and Fool Reversed. So, maybe you are wanting too much too soon. You may be projecting your fears and needs on him when you don't know him that well. Talk to him about what he wants. And make sure to look at what he DOES, that means more than what he SAYS. Actions are all that really count. Not words, no matter how sweet.