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Time frame me and my person of interest going to meet up?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Aine

Hamza - Psychics Directory
You are imprisoned by your own chains of thinking, "When will this happen?" This not only chains you but also your person of interest.
This is something you want most right now. You know the truth- you ain't sure about this person. There is another person who is more invested in you. You are aware of their interest. You will have two choices. The choice you make will be right for you, fear not.
Between six days and six weeks is the time frame. The relationship is karmic and will come to you whether you expect it or not.
Tawana - Psychics Directory
Hi Aine to answer your question my guides showed me somewhere between August and September. I feel this person is definitely willing to take the time to get to know you. It may be slow moving but great love is better when taking time to know one another.
Allison - Psychics Directory
When you realise that you are good enough and accept your past (something from it that hurts you). You must aknowledge that you shine your energy onto the people in your life. The way people act in your presence is often a reflection of the light you must draw your inner strenght for the confrontation see first month of summer as some kind of date but first you need to do what i suggest you.