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What is going to happen with this man I have recently met
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Joan - Psychics Directory
Caution is required, especially if things seem too good to be true. The two of you might be very alike fundamentally, but that does not necessarily make a good match-up. Avoid rushing into things and making superficial decisions or you might end up trapped. Listen to the advice of friends and family. Don't leave something good for the promise of something better. You are worth certainty.
Mrs Arcanus - Psychics Directory
Mrs Arcanus
Hello Candice,
I am seeing heartbreak in a recent past but you are coming out of it, I feel you are in healing process and it will end soon. According to my tarot cards, this man you've met is financially stable man, affectionate and mature. This man can bring you something positive in life, some kind of offer but also there is a possibility for a relationship.
Barbara G Meyer - Psychics Directory
Barbara G Meyer
2 of cups reversed--I do not think there is much here. Do not listen to what he SAYS, look at his actions--closely. They will tell you everything you need to know about him. Do not rush this relationship, give it time to develop and see what he is like in a few months. I cannot predict what WILL happen, but it does not look promising to me. Wait and get to know him better before you fall in love with what you THINK is there.