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My partner and I have been together for 2 years going on 3 soon. The first year was hectic and ended in tragic for us all my family that I have now. Is he the one for me
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Aiyana - Psychics Directory
Hello. I picked up sadness from you. I used my Secrets of Tarot deck. My cards told me what I already knew. I pulled the 7 of Swords. That card is known for deceit. I pulled other Sword cards too. The back of the deck was the Star. My cards want you to have faith in yourself again. He is not the One. You will feel trapped and hesitant from not making that choice sooner. Love yourself and take care.
Luna Rose - Psychics Directory
Luna Rose
I did an energy reading and a tarot reading. I genuinely feel that you should move on, more for you. I do not think he is coming back. The cards and my energy reading both showed him having commitment issues and waiting for him would only lead you to despair. There may be a time when he says he wants to come back, but I don't feel it's genuine. It may seem so in the moment, but only for the moment. He may come back for money, or because he thinks he's changed. This change is only temporary. Much luck!
Rebecca - Psychics Directory
I feel you will need to move on as he is not ready for that step as he wants to still live his life and started to feel he may become trapped as one would say. Of course ultimately up to you as it's your life. Stay blessed and pray this helps.