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Hello! My name is Sheerel Abraham, DOB:12/21/2001. I am currently involved with a man named His DOB: 10/7/91. I would like to know if we are spiritually connected, TF/Soulmate? If I will fall in love with him? And where you see our future heading? (Together/Not)? I’m looking for answers that are clear and honest, to the point. I would like to also get a reading with a legitimate psychic on this matter. For it is one that hits deep. Thank you kindly for any sort of guidance. Love love!
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Veronica Watkins - Psychics Directory
Veronica Watkins
I see a karmic connection no doubt. Possibly a soul mate but I wouldn't say twin flame. There will be a period of falling in love though I see it fading after a few gradual drift apart. There is purpose to this relationship, one or both of you will enter into a time of growth and self introspection. This will change your outlook on life and how you perceive the world. My advice would be proceed with an open heart and mind with the understanding that not all karmic connections are meant to stay.