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Do you see my ex contacting in the next week or 2?
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Veronica Watkins - Psychics Directory
Veronica Watkins
Tell me more about the situation surrounding the separation? Without that information the answer isn't perfectly clear. I see a yes but but under the pretenses that you are hoping for. It seems you want him to contact you but are afraid that he is moving on already or possibly had been for some time previous to the current separation?

 - Psychics Directory
The simple answer is ... possibly not within a week or two. But he will. Just when you are beginning to feel cleansed of his presence and the time you spent together, he will contact you. As soon as you feel some comfort and gain the ability to start moving will contact you. Do not let this sew doubt on your mind.

Sam - Psychics Directory
Yes, however it will not be in the way you think. They will want you to see something, but it will be covert, and disguised as not being a message for you.