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I would like to understand my positioning and prospect in my current career.
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Que - Psychics Directory
Hello Ayu. I'm using tarot to retrieve the insight you asked for regarding your career. What I see is that you took the current job because it looked promising but what I see is that there is a lot of unrest and negative behavior at you job, and many broken promises pay wise. Spirit is telling me that Spirit told you this but you choose to hold on anyway. Its time to seek another job/career as where you are now will not work out in your best interest in any way, shape or form.

Jui Patil - Psychics Directory
Jui Patil
Hello, I did some tarot and I see that you are trying to take on more work, trying different things. But right now I would suggest you to not do it. Instead give yourself some time to relax & clear your head. Make a decision on what work you exactly would love to do. Don't chase is also a important key here. Make sure you be clear to others on what you want. Step out of your comfort 't be afraid to choose what you love. You will have a very successful future if you follow your heart here.

Quintin - Psychics Directory
The cards show that choosing this position was due to the effect of learning new things and rising to the challenges. On the prospects of the career, it will be an uphill battle, but if you continue to stay calm and relaxed, the gain will be big at the end of it the challenges.