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Do you feel Kodie and I are meant to be together? Courtney 11/14/92 Kodie 4/20/88 If so what needs to happen for us to come into our divine union?
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The "meant to be" aspect of your question kind of throws things off a little. It does seem that there's chance for reconciliation, however, this does fall more on them than yourself. They seem to be a little bit of a Casanova and need to make up their mind, yet they seem to be looking for cake - meaning, their priorities at this time are less focused on monogamy. If they're saying that they "aren't looking for anything serious at this time" well, they mean it. Unfortunately, it's more a question on if you're willing to wait?

Thank you for your insight, yes communication has been horrible on his end. Which has lead me to cut off the relationship for my own well being.
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Hi there and thanks for letting me connect with you to look at you and Kodie. I do feel like you are so different from each other and that being together is going to have many ups and many many downs. But if you can work through these and support one another than I do feel like everything is going to be good and you will have a happy future relationship. You both must communicate better, I can see that this skill is lacking and this causes a lot of problems, so communicate and support each other here ok x