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I recently went through a break up and last night he told me he feels zero emotion for anyone and he needs to be alone to work on himself. Do you see him coming back to this relationship or should I just let him go?
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Rosemary  - Psychics Directory
Hi there, sorry this is happening to you. Right now he must have time to himself, give him space and don't try to contact him or you could push him away for good. I do feel like he will come back but he must work on himself now and focus on himself. He is very lost and just needs to have some time alone and work out where he wants his future to go, so leave him be and he will come back when he is ready to do that with you. Focus on doing something that makes you happy.

Jo Carter - Psychics Directory
Jo Carter
Hello Tiffany,
I asked the Tarot about your situation, the following came up for me. Presently you are flying blind and really have no direction here and not sure what to do or where to go. I feel that if you continue to hold out hope for this relationship you will be trapping yourself into an unhappy situation and will not be able to grow or move forward yourself. My advice to you would be to let him go and worry about you. Continuing to wait for him you will only do yourself harm both mentally and emotionally. I

PyshicSue - Psychics Directory
Hi Tiffany,
It is hard when feelings are different in a break up. I get the sense he is hurting over something and has shut down his emotions, and until he deals with what ever it is that is bothering him he will not be able to commit to a relationship. All you can do is put a time limit on how long you wait., if he is not willing in the timeframe then walk away.