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Will there be a reconciliation between me and Adam?
Will he reach out to me ? And when?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Adriana

Both answers are very positive so it’s hard to choose the best
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Adriana

Calypso Moon - Psychics Directory
Calypso Moon
Pulled a card for you and it leads to a positive outcome for a reconciliation soon. Please contact me if you wish for more details and clarity about your situation.

Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Adriana, I can see a reconciliation pending between you both. Adam will likely reach out once he completes some final steps in his personal journey, as he is currently learning to put himself first and to set boundaries where necessary. You can expect a positive outcome with the reconciliation, as I feel it will be the right time for this to happen. This can occur in November or late December of this year, possibly going into January, and he could reach out through a mutual person whom can help put him in contact with you.