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What kind of feeling does Katharina B. have for me?
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Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Susan, the cards show that Katharina has experienced some difficult moments in the past; situations that caused a lot of disappointment and distrust. Although, she has feelings for you, she prefers to take things slow and to feel this out before making any major moves or even confessing this to you. She is cautious and can appear to be withdrawn. I do sense a desire for commitment with you.
The best thing for now is to either ask directly how she feels or to give it some time to play out. She will step forward when it feels right.
 - Psychics Directory
Hi Susan, hope you are doing well. For your question here about Katharina I am gathering that there is a strong romantic energy. There are definitely feelings of love and romance within this relationship with potential for things to evolve into something serious/long term. That being said, I am also feeling that it is really important for you to make sure that you are taking care of yourself here and giving yourself the love and attention you deserve. Once you put yourself first and love yourself only good things can come. I hope this helps and resonates.
 - Psychics Directory
Hi Susan! I feel Katharina is confused. You are very much in your element, just like an Emperor who knows what they are doing. There's a confusion here that I know you want to be resolved. It feels like you need to turn inwards first and meditate on some questions before being able to communicate properly with anyone. Love and light to you!