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Girl I dated stop contacting since jun 1. My dob 03/29/85, her dob 05/24/86
Will we get together? Should I reach out to her or let her contact me? Is she the one for me or should I move on?
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Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Teck, I can see that you both shared a deep emotional connection and some fun times together. Did you both ever speak about starting a family together? The cards show that this lady has decided to go off in her own direction to explore life on her own. I do see in the near future you will be presented with an opportunity to reunite and move forward in a more positive direction together. However, for now rather than reach out, Spirit wants you to focus on yourself right now and to grow along your own path.
Amy Lee - Psychics Directory
Amy Lee
She will contact you again but you need to move on anyway. She does not feel as strongly about you and uf you get back together with her you will, unfortunately, be hurt again. I also see that if you do get back together with her you will miss an opportunity for a very happy relationship with someone new. You need to be with someone who cares for you as much as you care for them. This girl is not the right one for you. All this information was provided to me by my Spirit Guide for you.
Corvin - Psychics Directory
I performed a 5 card spread for you. First, you have to look inwards and examine why she stopped calling you. The cards suggest you did something that made her very uncomfortable. You will need to be honest with yourself. Reach out to her if you are willing to do some work on yourself and face some painful truth. You will be faced with a difficult choice. Until you work out what is going on with you on the inside, you won't have much luck in love.