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When will he break the no contact? Why do I feel him so strongly everyday?
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Nicole - Psychics Directory
When you allow him. The universe is trying to tell you to be still and quiet. Breathe. Let it open up to you. You have a symbolic thread that connects you and until you remove that you will always have a connection. We carry pieces of people with us on our journey, carrying what they have taught us, both good and bad. Nourish yourself love.

Three were difficult to choose from, but the last two also didn’t resonate or make sense to me. I ultimately choose the one that made the most sense to our situation, but the 3 liked ones were super hard to pick a winner from. They all make sense even separately and resonated very much to me.
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Corvin - Psychics Directory
There is still a strong link between you. It is hard to let that go. In my reading, there are a LOT of pentacles. The problems originally stemmed from money, clinging or grasping. You are the King of Pentacles now. Courage got you to where you are. Stay strong. You cannot know when or if he will break a no-contact order. Have a plan and be resolute in action if he does. The future is the King of Wands. It suggests education or intellectual pursuit. Look to improving your skills. That will be the key to breaking out of this.

Helen Harker - Psychics Directory
Helen Harker
Hi Ave, Looking at my cards, I see that he is taking his time contacting you and he is making choices in his head and working things out about the future with you, I feel he is going to invite you soon and things are going to be pretty good some duvet and light please give

Hannah - Psychics Directory
Your soul reaches out to him with a thirst that reminds me of someone lost in the desert in an old cartoon, the rags handing off and tongue panting. I don’t mean to bring any humor to your pain because I can feel it’s depth but that’s the picture that came to mind right away. I have doubts though that he is your water. He may give you some relief but I don’t know if he’s your true source of hydration.

Oliver - Psychics Directory
Justice has been done to the full extent of the word. You mention a no-contact order so I assume something happened that caused the law to be involved. Just know that justice is on your side with these matters. It can be hard to let go of someone and know that relaxation is much needed right now. This is a time of happiness because you are free from harm and worry. Embrace it and take some much needed you time.