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Will my ex and I get back together and have a happy life together? How long until he contacts me.
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Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Ave, the cards reveal that your partner might not have been fully committed to the relationship in the past, which caused a lot of disappointment and led to a painful ending with current lack of communication. Do you feel betrayed and exhausted? I do see you overcoming this pain and moving forward with more control, I sense you could move away from this person onto a new path. Although, I do see your ex partner reaching out towards the end of this year, if not before, to change the direction of this situation. Always remember your happiness comes first.

Both answers were very good, it was super hard to choose between them. Thank you for your input! I know it’s ultimately about focusing on me right now.
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Intuitive Guide
My cards show that you two will get back together because it looks like you two balance once another out. I'm seeing that this is a divine connection & you will be happy together if you both put in the effort to have that happiness. I feel that you two need to work on taking time for yourself to first heal, then once you reconnect, you'll be able to focus on providing the needed balance to make things work for the best. It could be within the next 5 months to a year before you two reconnect, if not sooner.