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My boyfriend and I of 3 years broke up in March. We were in a long distance relationship, but we did see each other often. We have been talking lately and he says he loves me but does not want to commit. I would like to know if we will get back together in a committed relationship. My birthday is May 31st 71 and his is Nov. 30th 69. Thank you :)
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Intuitive Guide
My cards show that you may be stressed about this since you have been patient with him. He is being selfish, not wanting to commit since it looks like he may be hiding something or not fully sharing his true feelings with you for some reason. I feel that with whatever it is he is hiding or not sharing with you, it will cause you to fully walk away from this connection soon, as it doesn't look like he plans to commit anytime soon because he is confused or in denial about something. He will need to be truthful first.

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Helen Harker
Hi k, thanks for your question, I feel it's been troubling you a lot about this man, let's see what the cards say, I feel this man is smart and cunning I feel he is a player, I sense he wants to love and commit to you but he is mature in doing so he needs to grow up and when he does he is ready to make a long term commitment to you in the future. love and light x

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Sarah Oshun-W
Dear K, I can see that your ex partner makes you feel very loved and happy. He sees you as an answer to his prayers and like you helped to save him from a difficult period in his life.
Although you feel this situation might result in a difficult ending, I see that you want to move forward with him with full clarity and truth, do you feel he is hiding something?
He wants a new beginning and for you to open up and express your feelings. Someone will eventually take the lead and decide the direction of this relationship.