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Has my boyfriend cheated on me with anyone? To what extent if so? Main focus on physical cheating but emotional cheating as well.
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Helen Harker - Psychics Directory
Helen Harker
Hi Ashley, Thanks for your question oh hun you have been up and down with your partner in your mind has he? hasn't he? I fell there has been a lot of communication with someone from his past but I feel it's been innocent messaging back and forth I feel he will tell you in his own time I sense there isn't anything to worry about. love and light.
Intuitive Guide - Psychics Directory
Intuitive Guide
Hi Ashley. I see that you may have experienced this type of hurt in a past relationship which is causing you to think that your boyfriend is doing it now. You need to let go of the past; just release the fear that it's happening to you now. What I do see is that he is emotionally fulfilled with you, not seeing anyone else in the picture at this time and he wants to have a family with you. It may just be that you two need to sit down and rekindle things as they were when you first met.
Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Ashley, is there currently distance between you and your partner? if so, is this triggering you to feel something is being hidden or did you have an undesirable dream indicating deception? The cards reveal that something happened in the past that required you to have a lot of strength and courage to pull through, which might have led you to put your guard up in this connection.
Spirit is advising you to not allow your fears and doubts get the best of you, set yourself free from them. Have you honestly and directly discussed this with your partner?