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My name is Patrick 7/20/1986. I was seeing this girl named Molly 1/5/1995. We had got into an argument months ago and then I had done something stupid and she asked me about it and I denied it and lied. Then about a month ago my ex decided to talk to her. I’m blocked on all social media and phone number. I guess I want to know if she’s done with me and how she honestly feels and if this is fixable and if there’s a chance her and I will speak soon.
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Corvin - Psychics Directory
In my reading, you are the Magician. Ther power, but also the responsibility, is in your hands. She is the Queen of Wands. She is generous, but also resolute. The task before you isn't an easy one, but she does still have feelings for you. You will need to be resourceful to reach her, but also respectful. You will also have to be honest with her. When you fought with her, you went to a dark place, and you will have to come to terms with that before she will take you back.
Oliver - Psychics Directory
I decided to utilize tarot cards for this question in order to really grasp what is happening. Right now, Molly is feeling very in control and strong. She's found a place in her life where she is very grounded. The best thing to do now since it has been a few months would be to do the right thing. This might be finding your own balance restoration. I know that you will be able to find familiar happiness in an old friend or passion soon. Just remember to act responsibly in this time of chaos.
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She is a Capricorn. Cap women do not tolerate any disloyalty, honesty is the best policy. They are analytical. Thinking things through almost overthinking it. They are somewhat stubborn and unforgiving. As passionate as they are relentless, they have little time to waste on things that do not better them. These are all just generalities but if you gave her any reason to doubt you she is most likely done. Your best bet is to move on. If this is fixable it will take time and you will not be able to force the universe on this one.
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I use tarot cards. There was a conflict that was not conducted properly with an air of deceit. You feel you've reached a new emotional development and see Molly fitting perfectly during this period. Despite this, the future seems it will not change too. An expected change of heart is in thought but very unlikely. Molly seems to be in the process of moving forward(death card) and these signs show you beating a dead dog. You too need to find growth in this and not let it hold you from your own growth but that you evolve from it :)
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5 cards spread- how Molly feels about the situation with you.
It seems that your relationship was not good with communication. There was no open and honest relationship, maybe due to jealousy of one of you. The situation that you refer to made her feel sad and anxious even depressed. She still has warm feelings toward you but she does not see any option for you to get back together. It seems that even if she is feeling lost and alone, she does not want you to know that she is feeling this way.
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Intuitive Guide
Hi Patrick. I'm seeing that she has retreated and is focused on protecting her heart from more hurt. She feels betrayed and that she was more than generous in the relationship but due to the deception, she is choosing to walk away and wanting to move forward in a new direction to avoid any further pain.