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My name is Giuliana and i want to know if i will be happy with D. I want to know if he will eventually contact me and be able to see each other . Whats in the store for us? Do i will be able to move forward?
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Helen Harker - Psychics Directory
Helen Harker
Hi, Thanks for your question, I feel things are going to come so fast it's going to make your head spin, I feel he will text you through social media or by phone if he knows it, I feel he will make some kind of contact in the next 8 weeks and I feel it will move pretty fast when he makes contact with you, I see a new and happy beginning for both of of love and light xx

Nova - Psychics Directory
Giuliana, I have consulted your question with my tarot deck.
The 8 of Pentacles reveals that perhaps the reason that he has not contacted you is because of his focus on work. The 6 of wands show that he is on a great success streak at work or a project. He seems very focused on this. The star card shows you are very hopeful for this man to set his sights on you, the ace of wands shows that you will be waiting a while for his contact but also points to a new relationship soon!

Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Giuliana, I see there is a lot of love between you and this person and an opportunity for renewal is presenting itself. This person seems to be quite distant and disconnected sometimes, which can be hurtful and I see he leaves you feeling uncertain about the direction of this connection. Do you feel unable to alter the situation and like the outcome is solely in his hands?
However, I do see potential for a new beginning where you both may start over and the arrival of some form of commitment or positive news of a new bundle of joy.

Charlotte styles - Psychics Directory
Charlotte styles
I feel that you have internalised a lot of doubt as to if you will truly be happy. In order to truly move forward, with or without D, you must be comfortable in being alone. The eventuality of him contacting you relies on your manifestation of self love. I sense you are anxious and you must move forward alone before you can think of combining to move forward with him. If your foundations are not solid, you cannot build on them. He may contact you, but you must be in the right place to receive the contact.