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Does my boyfriend really loves me? Will he ask me to marry soon?? And since july last year we're trying to have a baby. Can I get pregnant until november? Thank you for answering!
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Helen Harker - Psychics Directory
Helen Harker
Hi, Thanks for your question. firstly I can't answer questions on pregnancy I'm very sorry about that, I feel your boyfriend does love you but I feel he is being rushed into things when he wants to take things slower and chat about these into detail he wants to make you happy that's why he is happy to go along with you, I feel he wants to have some fun with you first and then when you are both relaxed into the relationship that's when everything will fit into place wand things will start happening for you.
Cidnee Rich - Psychics Directory
Cidnee Rich
I feel like you two have been together for a while a have made plans of marriage & family but right now I feel that its important that you take time to ask yourself what you truly a time for self reflection before any big decisions by your bf- he is also reflecting and feeling a little unsure about next steps. Don't feel discouraged sometimes things don't happen when we want them to bc the universe is still doing behind the scenes this time to breathe and think about what is best for next steps.
Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Clouie, my cards reveal that you have recently overcome a challenging time in your life, have you been experiencing any cramping pain? It also appears that your partner is currently having a rough time too, could this be financially or was someone seriously ill? I see that a new beginning is required in this relationship as there appears to be quite some baggage weighing you both down. Your partner is willing to fight through any challenges with you and I can see this relationship is heading in a more positive direction, there is a link with Aquarius season,