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Will he ever propose to me, should I let him go?
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Lynnv

Rebecca - Psychics Directory
Lynnv I get that you need to trust the situation and do not add fear as will create drama. Release all worries to your Angels. Your current situation will bring blessings as all things are possible. So Yes I feel he will when the time is right Lynnv. I used my Romance Deck.
Elizabeth - Psychics Directory
I see a lack of hope in this relationship, you seem to be having your doubts, and it is influencing how this relationship works. It may be useful to open yourself up to your partner and be honest about what you want and what he wants. There is no need to suffer in silence and feel as hopeless for your future as you seem to right now.
Sarah Oshun-W - Psychics Directory
Sarah Oshun-W
Dear Lynn, firstly the cards show me this person can be sweet and loving and he makes you feel adored. Do you ever feel smothered by him and is he dark-haired?
The two of you might have recently moved past a difficult period within your connection and right now there is some distance, which could be due to travel or him distancing himself, as I sense he is quite withdrawn at present and is not communicating as much.

He is taking time out to reflect and I can see energy of him having one foot still in but another ...