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My question is how Adam truly feels about me. Will he come back to me to be in a relationship? My dob 11 October 1986 his dob 27 November 1984
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Beaa  - Psychics Directory
There are obstacles in your way to be cleared. The timing for you two is not your timing YET. He does love you yes, however there is some growing to do with this relationship and things to get over

STACIE A LANHAM - Psychics Directory
Adam is only wanting frienship at this point i adam drink alcohol? I am getting the feeling he is withdrawling from alot of is very unhappy with himself. I feel you love him very much

Kapes - Psychics Directory
Hi, Adriana!

Adam sees you as a gentle, caring, optimistic and dinamic person, but for now he really doesn't consider tbuilding a concrete relationship because in the present moment he is very concerned about solving material responsibilities before taking care of the heart. You really like him and would gave everything to run a life together, but he is in a phase of life in which he needs to focus on those material issues. So, reflect about it and choose not to bother him in this moment. It would be the most love act that you may do for now.

 - Psychics Directory
As of right now, I feel he is overwhelmed and exhausted. Situations and emotions right now are stuck between you both. It's as though there's still a bit to get through, there's not enough conversation or understanding between you both; neither really knows what the other wants, nor is anyone willing to speak-up first. With all of that being said, I feel that there will either be an argument or confrontation [could just be some unwanted information] that comes in and this may cause you to no longer want to pursue this connection.

Mansi Joshi - Psychics Directory
Mansi Joshi
Dear Adrian,
I did a reading for you dear, Adam and you seem to have a very memorable and beautiful memories together, Adam does have feelings for you but at the moment he is not considering a come back in a relationship with you. I would like to just tell you something I have learnt in my At times you need let go of people as when their presence in you life with not help you grow anymore or help you as a soul the universe takes them away from you to introduce you to new experiences in life.