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My question is how Adam truly feels about me. Will he reach out to me and will we ever be in a relationship? My dob 11 October 1986 his dob 27 November 1984
Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Adriana

Aadama - Psychics Directory
The cards very rarely give a yes or no answer, as in this instance, but the insight I have gained is this:

The signs you are looking for are already there, but you don't know how to interpret them at the moment. There are times when you think you notice something, but you're just not sure.

You need to put faith in your own intuition, because your doubt is holding you back. listen to your higher power, let it guide you. Do this and you'll be lead to great joy.

I hope that is of some comfort.

Brittany  - Psychics Directory
Adam sees you as compassionate and caring, as well as responsible. If you are to pursue a relationship, you will need to stay clear of becoming overly attached, as this may drive him away. I don’t see this as a relationship that will last long, but it will bring lessons in hard work and finding your true love later in life

Rebecca - Psychics Directory
Adriana I feel Adam has genuine love for you. You two overcome all as you express your feelings by kindness, compassion and communication. This is true love in its finest. I used my Romance Oracle Deck. I pray you are able to take this message Adriana stay blessed Namastë?