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How does Marc feel about me, and will he ever express his feelings to me?

Client Avatar - Psychics Directory Yvette

Lenticity - Psychics Directory
I'm seeing he is anxious to o further because of a past authority figure he hasn't let clouded mind might feel deception but if you let everything fall together as is, I believe you will have some luck in time. I hope you can relate.
Christina - Psychics Directory
Hello Yvette,
He feels that you are an amazing person and he likes you very also thinks that you are a strong and self confident person.
I have the feeling he will open up and express his feelings to you as soon as he lets go of his seems to be stuck in the , things will change soon.
Love and Light.
Rebecca - Psychics Directory
I was drawn to you Yvette so I pulled my Romance Angels Oracle Deck and the message I have for you from your angels Yvette your love life needs a healthy infusion of honest communication according to what I'm picking up. You've been holding emotions within that are masking your feelings of love Yvette. There is still time to heal this situation; however it will require effort on your part as well as not all falls on Marc. Talk to third party as can't control another's reaction. Only be honest how you feel. Sharing your feelings you stand chance.