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Will their be a reconnection in the upcoming months for myself and my ex-girlfriend?
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Jess - Psychics Directory
Hi ya, I pulled 3 cards, Justice, page of swords and Judgement. I'm only allowed 100 words so I'll sum it up, Justice is insisting that u way up all the pros and cons of the situation, while the page of swords is leaning towards new life experiences, then Judgment emphasizes the importance of self reflection. This read is very Airy, which one of u are the air element. But from past experiences, an Ex is an ex for a u for reading hope it helped and have a blessed day
Lauren Flocco - Psychics Directory
Lauren Flocco
Yes, I do believe there will be a reconnection between the both of you. I feel like she has been thinking a lot about you when she lays in bed. She feels like there is unfinished business between both of you. I wish you the best :)
Sher Carmel Tan - Psychics Directory
Sher Carmel Tan
Hi AB, I see that a reconnection with your ex-girlfriend is not possible, as she stands firm in her decision of giving up the relationship with you. I suggest that you keep your option open, as things between the both of you are still not good, even after patching up. Frequent quarrels are inevitable.