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Both me and my husband do feel uncertain about our future in our current job. Tell me about both our career path coming forward and our finance situation. Will we be relocating?
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Lenore torrence - Psychics Directory
Lenore torrence
I drew the 10 of swords when answering this question, and while the image it self is a guy who has 10 swords impaling his body the card as whole isn't as bad as the picture makes it look. The generalized answer is Yes you will have to move, and that some good byes will have to be said for progress to be made.
Chua Chee Peng - Psychics Directory
Chua Chee Peng
Current: Feel that personal growth in company is stagnant and no sight of better prospect. There is conflict within which may proof difficult to handle or resolve. Unlikely prospect in current job will improve if continuing to stay within the same environment

Moving forward: finance situation is fine as long both put in effort to handle the expenses. Relocation is highly possible.

Advice: To move away from current environment, ask for transfer or seek new job. Build on your approaches with people to be more constructive and there will be opportunities opening up for you beginning next year.
Sher Carmel Tan - Psychics Directory
Sher Carmel Tan
Hi Annie, I see that the company is likely to retain you and your husband, unless the both of you are willing to accept pay cut. Relocation is not recommended as you both may suffer setbacks, which is worse than the current situation. I suggest staying on in the current job is better.