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I am female and dob is 29/01/1987. Do you see I will get promoted at my current job? If yes, when that will take place approximately? And do you see my line manager her name is Sahia dob is 28/6/1972 has good intentions towards me? And do you see the big boss his name is Helal dob is 9/6/1976 is happy with my work?
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Sher Carmel Tan - Psychics Directory
Sher Carmel Tan
Hi Anood, I drew 3 cards (The Moon, 4 of Wands, Queen of Pentacles). The Moon tells me that you are worrying about your current job and is afraid to ask to leave, as your progression is slow. The 4 of Wands and Queen of Pentacles indicates no promotion next year, but it is most likely to happen the year after next. However, I do see a performance bonus coming for you. Your line manager, Sahia is fine with you, but she has no power, as she feels pressurised by the big boss, who is feeling neutral towards your work.
Chloe McAlister - Psychics Directory
Chloe McAlister
Hello Anood, The cards are saying you will be offered a type of partnership within 3 to 6 for Sahia she is strong with her way of thinking an unable to accept and with Helal, you will have to prove yourself to him that you are strong and know what your education or training will help with
Elizabeth - Psychics Directory
I am seeing a successful conclusion within the Tarot cards, which may indicate a promotion, either way, it seems you will feel happy with the news, it is unclear when this will happen. I am seeing that Sahia is a little defensive and is waiting for something more to happen with you, but she doesn't seem negatively think of you. Helal has hopes that things continue to be successful with you in the team, again there doesn't seem to be any negativity here.