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When will the man I'm interested in contact me?
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Elizabeth - Psychics Directory
I am seeing this relationship developing, although there may seem to be negative moments to begin with. I'm not sure exactly when they will contact you, but I am getting the impression from the cards that will is likely going to happen and it will go in a way that you wish it to. There is a lot of positive energy that will help you move forward.

Rosemary  - Psychics Directory
I have used my tarot cards here and i can see that he will be contacting you very soon,
I do feel like you are really worried he is not going to be in touch, but given time and he will be.
I do however feel like you may need question his intentions in making contact.
I hope this helps x

Chloe McAlister - Psychics Directory
Chloe McAlister
Hello Catherine, I don't believe he is ready to leave what looks like an older woman who takes care of him regardless of you trying to persuade him. Tarot does tell me that a couple (perhaps your parents) are pushing you into a possible relationship with an older man(35 or older), this does look like a love connection. He is someone who takes great care of those he loves, he may have light hair and eyes. He is kind, easy to talk to and romantic. This could be the start of something really great if you allow it to happen.