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I am married with young children but am struggling in my marriage. I love my husband but am strongly pulled to someone I work with and the feeling is mutual. He is single. We talk all the time and have hung out one on one but have never stepped over the line of physical intimacy with the exception of kissing once, which he stopped because he said it made him realize his attraction was beyond physical. I think about him all the time but am defiantly feeling his hesitancy because of my situation.

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Chloe McAlister - Psychics Directory
Chloe McAlister
Hello Carolyn, I can see you struggle and ready to give up since you have given in just for peace so many times. Tarot reveals your husband can be hard to communicate with but, if you take this new relationship any farther your husband will find out and use this against you with the kids. Is there an older woman with dark hair and eyes in the mix, not so nice, perhaps a boss who is not beyond demoting you or your friend? Your young friend does have feelings of which he is cautious, but you be even more cautious!
Kelsey Alexander - Psychics Directory
Kelsey Alexander
You have to get out of your current situation then reassess your feelings. You are drawn to each other for a reason, but will he see you the same way once you are single? Will he always have in the back of his mind that you are an unfaithful woman? I am seeing the Lovers card. The cards are saying go for what you really want. In time, you will see the lessons that you have to learn here and end up with who you are meant to be with.
Katherine Wilson - Psychics Directory
Katherine Wilson
You have possibility of a new opportunity with this man. He thinks of being with you but finds that your marriage is an obstacle or trouble, and feels you two will not have success in starting a new relationship and keeps his true feelings to himself.
You've been seeking advice because this is a difficult decision and you've exhausted yourself thinking about it.
You seems you will receive justice after conflict, etc., in your marriage. You have been content staying within this unhealthy marriage. You may have feelings of abandonment/disappointment which is why you want to leave.