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Will my lover have the courage to leave his wife and choose me and love anytime soon? Will we grow old and happy together?
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Bonnie Astoria - Psychics Directory
Bonnie Astoria
Unfortunately you are absolutely enchanted with a man who is not serving your inner goddess. He will not leave. He will lead you to believe he bis going to but unfortunately this is a lie. Your true soul mate is out there waiting . It is not him. He will let you down. I can tell your love for him is in the truest form and I wish I could tell you what you want to hear. Is there some sort of trauma in your childhood/adolescents that your holding onto. I'm sensing a transfer of extreme emotion.

Katherine Wilson - Psychics Directory
Katherine Wilson
Your lover is thinking of the possibility of leaving his wife to start a new relationship with you.
He feels withdrawn from his spouse.
He has a choice to make but is resisting to move on because of unfinished business with his wife (Air sign).
He thinks of staying with his wife because of time invested but still wants you.

You will become exhausted.
You will want to move on because of setbacks.
He and his wife will breakup.
You will fear being along but breaking up with this person and finding love in yourself is the best solution.

Kelsey Alexander - Psychics Directory
Kelsey Alexander
Lillann, I am seeing that you have sensed that you will have to move past him in order to live your best life. Deep down, you know that he will not truly fulfill you in the long run. You can never fully respect him after knowing that he is capable of cheating. At this point, your desire for him to leave her is merely out of control and power. He is dragging you down. Move on and open your heart to a better man who can meet you where you are. xx

Elizabeth - Psychics Directory
The five of pentacles suggest a rough time forward, I do not get the impression that your lover will leave his wife, although there is a chance that he will and you both will receive a negative impact from this decision of his. Either way, I do not see an easy time ahead for you in the short term. I would suggest that you do not neglect yourself or let your health dwindle as you consider what may happen