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I need to know if my ex partner will come back to me soon after he has his fun and if he is slowly realising what he has truly lost. Does he miss me and has he realised I am good for him and he needs me in his life? Or does he want to peruse this other girl he has at the moment does he have feelings for her or does he still love me! How long do I wait for and when will I hear from him again! Is she controlling what he does
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The Ten of Swords shows that you are feeling like a victim at this moment, that you are feeling powerless and asking why it has happened to you. In terms of advice, the card tells you to take a bit of time for yourself, to let the drama play out around you without letting it affect you, as it is impossible to know the outcome. Take time for yourself, focus on what to make you happy and see how everything with your ex turns out. Ruminating on what might happen isn't helping you, it is only making you feel worse.
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Chloe McAlister
I asked Tarot the Outcome of reconciliation the reply is he would continue to take advantage. Tarot reveals he is often unfair but insist others are unfair, arguments are one-sided with his needs being placed first. Perhaps he was raised by a domineering father (possibly abusive) or one who just did not care, but now he expects others to be subservient to him. He is someone you will spend a great deal of time and energy trying to please. Ask yourself why you want him 3 times and find the true reason you're attracted to this type of man.
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Kelsey Alexander
That is a lot of questions to sum up in a 100 word answer! I see the 10 of Cups which shows me two people on opposite sides of a very complete picture. I see that you each have your own life lessons to learn right now. Simply put, he is not ready for you. No doubt, you are worth it, but does he deserve you? Your intuition is right about this girl: she is just fun. He will likely learn a lesson from his experiences with her. Stop waiting. There is so much moreto this question/answers!