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my name is brittany. i would like to know, am i pregnant?
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Elizabeth - Psychics Directory
The Two of Cups hint that there is a connection being formed, which may represent that you are pregnant, or it may represent a new relationship (either romantic or friendship) on it's way for you.
Chloe McAlister - Psychics Directory
Chloe McAlister
No Britney, I do not see a new pregnancy, but I do see a small child. Someone has given up the fight or tying to prevent someone from leaving, but whomever the cards refer to they want to leave and do things on their own. Tarot reveals you may have lost faith in an older man or retreating to one due to financial worries, but this relationship is without love. Its important that others see you as successful, but with everything comes a price one which you could end up where you started which is fighting for what you deserve.
Kelsey Alexander - Psychics Directory
Kelsey Alexander
Brittany, I see the World card. This means several things: you will enter into a period of success and joy. You are seeing your accomplishments coming together. Also, this card typically means that you will see a major harvest from whatever you have sown. On the flip side, this card could show a loss of energy, lack of progress, fear, and inflexibility. Not seeing the answers you wish to see could mean you need to make a new plan. Consider other options; think outside of the box! The 6 of Wands shows fulfillment of your ddreams and plans.