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Will Vicente end things with Katie and come back to me to reconcile if so when do I stay where I am and wait for him or leave town
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Victoria - Psychics Directory
He will end things, but not any time soon. Think carefully about what you love about being with Vicente. Those qualities that you fell in love with in him already reside within you. Think about how you can love yourself. If you wish to stay in town for yourself, then stay. However, a fresh start may be in order. Search your feelings carefully. You already know what to do.
Julie - Psychics Directory
This person will return to you if you leave the area. Staying there let’s him know he can return whenever he wants. Once he sees you are moving on with your life and starting over, he will realize your worth and want to be a part of your life. He would like to start fresh in another town, right now he remains in the relationship with the other person because she does everything for him and makes his life easy. There is love there, but you must set the process in motion by making the move, he will follow.
Kelsey Alexander - Psychics Directory
Kelsey Alexander
There is hope. Vicente will end things with Katie, but it's hard to tell how long it will take. You're doing the right thing by giving him his space while they are together. Remain grounded while you wait. A good way to do this is chakra work and spending time outside. This is going to take about 4 months to play out. You need to refrain from taking hasty action based on emotion and frustration. Do not leave town solely because of him. I do see the possibility of more opportunities drawing you out of the area. He will follow.