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How our Question & Answers system works

Question and Answers Explained

Psychics Directory lists people who work within an unregulated and open profession. Anyone can call themselves Psychic, Empath, Medium, etc without any verification.
The Question & Answers feature of Psychics Directory functions as a filter for people looking for a gifted professional who can demonstrate their claimed abilities.

It is not a consultation service or a practice ground for novices. Consultants who answer questions are marketing themselves to potential clients willing to pay for their time.

1. The Question

After creating a user account, logging in, and identify yourself as a Client you may create a question.

You should enter, in the box provided, your first name, or initials. This is the only identification that is made public, your identity remains completely anonymous.

The question is limited to a maximum of 100 words. It must not contain any contact information or full names of other people. First names and birth dates are ok. The question must be about you and not about anyone else. Most Psychics will refuse to answer questions which they feel are requests to spy on others.

2. The Answers

Over the next 3 days you'll begin to receive answers. There's a minimum number of 3 answers that must be reached otherwise the 3 day limit is extended. The maximum number of answers you will receive is 12. Having a maximum is necessary to spread answering consultants across a greater range of questions.

Answers, like questions, are limited to a maximum of 100 words. This is a sampler and not a full consultation service.

This period is your Question's Open period. While the question is open only you can see the answers. Consultants can only see your question. This prevents cheating by copying information from other answers.

All answers received remain anonymous until the question has been closed and completed by you marking each answer. Only then will the identities of those who gave you an answer will be revealed

3. Question Closed. Time to decide

When the question closes you can award each answer with what you feel it merits. The question, together with it's answers, will be listed in the Q&A's page. Please leave a little feedback to help everyone understand your marking.

4. Question Answered

After you've submitted your marks for the answers the question becomes Answered and the identity of each consultant who answered is revealed. They will have your question listed against them along with your mark and feedback. This builds up a useful history for others to reference and see how any consultant approaches a question and answers.

Additional Information

Not all consultants listed in the directory will have time to answers questions asked. Answering is entirely optional. If you are planning on engaging someone listed here for a consultation, without Q&A's verification, please do so with caution. When you search the directory database all results are listed in order of those with the highest answer score being listed first.

If your first attempt at finding someone suitable is unsuccessful you may ask your question again, or ask a different question.
You will appreciate that everyone's time is valuable and the consultants can give only so much of their time for free to a very large, and eager, audience.
We charge clients a small fee for asking their question again to reduce the burden on them and prevent abuse of their generosity.
Your new question will be given priority in the listing queue and marked as having being paid for. This lets consultants know you are sincere about willing pay for a full consultation with the best practitioner.

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