Nicky Varghese

I do extremely elaborate intuitive tarot readings on any topic of choice. Highly empathic reads that pick up on any situation very quickly. I channel messages for you through Soul Writing. You are guaranteed to have the deepest information you'd need.

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Nationality 🇮🇳 India
Languages English
Age 31
Experience 7 Years

Consults On Topics

Relationship (Current)
Relationship (Ex)
Relationship (Complicated)
Future Romance
Spiritual Guidance
Money & Wealth
Job & Career
Family Issues
Friend Issues
Life Guidance
Decision Making


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I've always been intuitive and claircognizant. I knew how situations would turn out for people from a very young age but thought it was a natural ability to everybody. I would even explain it to others thinking they just didn't pick it up. As I grew older, i realised it's not a common ability and most people around me couldn't see the future course of a situation like I did. Dealt with a lot of difficulty in the past with fitting in and finding my place, being receptive to everyone's true nature and at the same time being true to myself.
However, not a lot of people were accepting of my outlandish ways as I was with their normal ways. Dealt with a lot of emotional pain due to being a strong empath and being able to pick up on other's emotions not realising it wasn't mine. Also dealt with a lot of narcissists in the past. And finally now, have been free from all that which is external, that is not of my vibration. Although, I'd love to be in their midst, spreading joy and showing the potential of happiness everyone could feel any second.


started off 4 yrs back doing Email readings for clients on Etsy. That graduated to me doing one-on-one chat readings for clients on platforms like Instantgo. Then I expanded to video readings on Youtube, but since i channel the best through my writing, I didn't feel like i was doing justice to my readings. Now i also post readings on Instagram and offer chat readings to my clients from there.


I first take the name and the question of the client. And then i ask the cards about the question the person has in mind. I watch what comes up for me intuitively while I'm shuffling the cards. I usually don't have a count of how many cards i take, I take as many as the message wants to reveal to [removed] channel intuitively what I get through the cards and then type it out, while I write it out, i get flooded with more messages through soul writing and that gets conveyed to the questioner. The questioner keeps asking more questions as we go, if it's pertaining to the same spread, i keep intuitively giving them what i get at the moment they ask. If their question requires a different spread then i ask the new question and repeat the same thing all over again.


Just the proof i have from my previous clients about the accuracy of the readings.

Services & Fees

Depends on which platform I do the readings through. If it's a time based reading on's $10 for 10 mins..$30 for 30 mins and so on. If It's an email reading, it's $20 for 1 question with unlimited cards pulled (1.5 pages min on Word Doc) $40 for 2 questions (more than 3 pages) and so forth.


If the reading is purchased through the chat website I'm on. You can ask ask many questions as you want and when it reaches the amount you wanted to pay, you can stop the chat and come over to personal chat on Watsapp or Instagram or Instantgo for a bonus question, although the same question can't be continued. That has to be finished during the paid chat session. Other than that you get a bonus 1 question read that you can avail immediately or sometime later, which will be equally elaborate and detailed as the paid one.

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