I am am eclectic witch, I can help you with any herbology, crystals or energy advice, I can also advice you on all types of spells, I can teach you, I know a lot of things I can share with you about different topics. I do tarot and pendulum readings as well.

Salome  (xselenex) - Psychics Directory
Nationality 🇨🇴 Colombia
Languages English, Español
Experience 8 Years

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My name is Salomé, I am Colombian American, I am also an hereditary witch, both of my parents practice divination and mystic, spiritual activities, I am an architecture student, I am pagan, single and lesbian. I am a very nice person, I am independent and solitary.


I started by myself, I always saw my parents do “weird” things but actually were just spiritual cool things. My father gave me my first tarot deck when I was 14 and showed me how to read cards, they have passed me a lot of knowledge but I am also a researcher and I have many archives with information that have made me the professional I am right now. I practice white,black, love, green and all types of magic, I learned pendulum reading too, and I have the gift of spiritism which I’m still working on, I am very dedicated and honest.


Personally when I’m starting any spiritual or psychic work. I like to relax and try to do a little meditation to be aware of my surroundings. So I try to make the vibes for it. So I would start with the 4 elements, put some crystals out, incense, a cup of water and a candle, this is very good, it helps you get in the “esoteric mood” so then I close my eyes and think of my intent, my consultant or his question. I ask my deities for clarity and protection and I would start performing whether is a spell, a tarot or a pendulum session. This is just a little bit of what I like doing.


I don’t have any official certification I was just born with the gift and I just like doing this for self improvement and economy.

Services & Fees



* 3 card Tarot reading: 2$
* 5 card Tarot reading: 4$
* 10 card Tarot reading: 9$
*15-20 Tarot card reading: 16$
(Send me your tarot reading systems)

*10 questions: 5$
*20 questions: 12$
*20+ I’ll charge you 1 dollar for the additional question.

*Advice & sources on any spells: 1$
*Performing a spell for you: 10-20$
*Write you a spell with list of materials: 5$


*I can give you tips, grimore ideas, and teach you about many topics I know for: 10$ an hour of class


*Celtic cross reading + 5 pendulum questions: 10$
*Yes or no tarot reading + 5 pendulum questions : 7$
*15 pendulum questions + reading of max 10 card = 10$

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+57 3208586000

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