Ready to do the undoable? Grapple with the ineffable? You've come to the right place. Welcome. I'm Wren, and I use Tarot as a secret decoder ring to translate your present.

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Tarot is part of my identity:
I'm Didikai -- a Romani (Gypsy) of mixed blood (I'm of Kaderash, Russian, and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, with a itty bit of English/Irish hiding in there, somewhere) -- so it's a traditional dukkering thing
I'm a crisis counselor, with training and certifications in victim advocacy, trauma work, and peer support -- so it's a service and support thing
I'm a writer, so it's a creating-a-narrative thing
And, I'm an INFJ (if you cotton to that sort of stuff), tempering intuition with logic, so it's a "less woowoo, more woohoo" personal crusade/I love helping others thing


I've been working with Tarot since I was fifteen, and went professional in 2017 (many, many, many years later, LOL). Tarot has been a family trade for generations.


My style is quite different than other readers. Please read carefully, to see I'd fit your needs.
Tarot readings should be like an awesome conversation with yourself…and I’m playing the part of you, temporarily.
Tarot can’t tell you anything you don’t already know. It can only remind you of universal truths about being human, entice you to consider things in a new way, and encourage creative solutions.
I don’t and won’t predict the future. I can’t. No one can. The future hasn’t happened. You are an individual, packed to the brim with possibilities, and are only held down by the weight of your own baggage (me too).
I believe in free will, choice, and personal responsibility.
I also believe in change. At any time, we can change. We do change.
There are no bad readings. There are readings which remind us of the consequences of our choices -- and those are good, because remembering the consequences allows us to choose with eyes open and healthy expectations.

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