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Hi, my name is sid. I will admit I may be younger than many readers, but I have been through my share of hardship. for example

suicidal attempts
social isolation
been cheated on and manipulated in romantic relationships
Falsely accused
not having a single friend for years
often being blamed for most issues happening at home
unwanted hatred due to being part of LGBTQAI+

In simple words, I know what it means to look down at the abyss and consider letting go.

I found my answer when I decided to take a leap of faith and learn tarot for myself to help myself and by gods grace, it helped. Today I have more friends I can count, I am no longer depressed, I am part of a happy family talking to my parents regularly, pursuing my master's and hopefully my PhD.

the credit for this goes to tarot, which helped me over years to accept the hard truths of myself and gave me clarity about solving many of my issues.

my belief is if my approach to tarot could help someone who was as damaged as me, it can surely help you.

That's a guarantee.


my journey started by doing readings for myself. As my abilities refined I outgrew my ould deck and ideas of what tarot was supposed to be.

I use the hermetic tarot and now firmly believe that tarot fused with some principles of psychology can help anyone. i use my understanding of psychology to help in creating a safe space and use tarot to help the client gain a sense of clarity. i always ensure that my client has 2- 3 specific strategies they can try in relation to dealing with the promlem.


I use my tarot deck ( the Hermetic tarot)


I have been doing readings for 5 years with an accuracy of 99.9%. in my time as a reader, i have done over 1000 readings with only 2 being slightly incorrect.
Over the last 5 years, i have done readings for all types of people like
princes and queens, reformed criminals, students, divorced partners, parents, and a lot of lot more.
I believe the best way to prove my worth is not my word by other people's word

thus below are some of the things people have told me about the sessions I have done with them :

1. 'You are an amazing tarot card reader and a good counsellor. I felt safe with you and hence could open the emotions which were inside me. Thank you so much. It was great to meet you all. All the best for a bright future. God bless you.' -Royal family of mcleodganj

2. " The three things I liked the most about my tarot reading were, firstly its accuracy; it was really accurate with my current standing in life, secondly it was a hearty conversation, I was glad to talk with someone who is such a good listener and paid attention to specific details, and not the least the final was the environment and the layout, it seemed really professional with a lot of eye catching antiques and decorative, the vibe was great"

3. "I didn't feel at all awkward throughout the reading It was very comfortable and l was not left with any doubts or queries I was given a proper psychological perspective and it made me feel happy. I had a great insight about myself as well."

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