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My cards, the I Ching, and my intuition have been constant friends throughout my life - they have saved me and my loved ones from danger, led me to wonderful new opportunities, and revealed many lessons. I would love to share them with you, too, for your well-being, safety and happiness.

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I was blessed with a loving and peaceful childhood, loving parents and the freedom from all the violence and physical / mental abuse I would later experience as an adult. I am now married to my soul mate - a real treasure for which I am grateful every day. This came after a long and extremely painful marriage and divorce. Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh often uses the expression "roses from garbage" and this is how I feel a life is best lived: a beautiful life is not a life that is free of suffering, but one which rises beyond the suffering and grows out of the suffering. My mission in life has always been to help others to create a life of happiness and grow out of their suffering, either through making music or through the shared experience of a reading.

My career has always been a blend of working in the music industry and in the healing arts (giving readings and teaching card reading / Yi Jing ). As a pianist, I have performed in various venues in the United States, as well as in Europe and Asia, and my own compositions have been performed by orchestras in Europe. Those opportunities all came about by what I call "living in tune," with the companionship of my cards, Yi Jing, and my intuition.


As young as I can remember, I have had knowings of things before they happen, seen ghosts and had dialog with spiritual guides, sensed people's energetic "qi", left my body, or been able to read energetic imprints in rooms. As a teenager, I remember conversations with a close friend of mine in the weeks before football season started. He was pondering quitting the football team, and I felt deeply that he needed to do that, but his coaches were pressuring him that the team needed him, and he gave in. In the opening game he was in an accident that left him a quadriplegic, and that event changed something deep within me. How my heart was bursting to become a healer so that I could go back and heal my friend, or else grow into a guide that could offer better help to people in my future than I was for my teenage friend.

From then on, I began listening even more strongly to my intuition and knowings. I began working with cards (playing cards and tarot) and I Ching, and my dream journals, which all served as more tangible and concrete reminders of the messages on courses of action. Since my college years, I have been using my divination abilities to help others.

I have since then gone on to be a member of the Tarot Guild and appear a couple of times on their radio show. I have read in psychic fairs, done private parties and fundraisers, read in New York City for [removed] Games at trade shows, read at Pymander Books and Lantern House in Connecticut. My current reading practice has me reading for people around the world, which I thoroughly enjoy.


Any reading I share with a client is a sacred moment for me, so I clear my mind and heart to make the reading a safe space, hoping to create a helpful and joyful experience for my client.

I do predictive readings, relationship readings, problem solving readings, big picture readings, considering options and guidance readings. Topics I read most for are the success of projects, work/career, family and relationships, purchasing a home or relocating.

In my readings, I use cards and I Ching, all while remaining intuitively open. I read with playing cards, Tarot cards, Lenormand, Sybilla style cards, gypsy cards, Pages of Shustah cards, and oracle (picture) decks. Consider a Yi Jing reading if you want a slower, deep reading of a vastly different nature than a card reading (an email reading is a great format for these).

When a client comes to me, they can be 100% confident that during their reading experience they will feel safe, seen and loved. I am not doing this for my ego or to prove anything about myself. Rather, my readings are my best attempt to bring light, healing and love into the world.

A reading with me can evolve in many ways. Readings do not just have to be quick yes or no answers, or the reader amazing you with their brilliant gifts. I like to have a client see it this way: Regarding your situation or the questions you have, some may be simpler than you think, while others may have deeper layers that require analysis. A good reading gives pretty accurate information, but an excellent reading provokes insights, and a top notch reading improves a life.

I have found that for me personally, giving psychic-only or medium (spirit) messages on demand every day is very draining, and some of my closest friends who work that way frequently experience burnout.

Services & Fees

Burning question reading $30 - Usually about a 15 minute reading, this is no less important than a larger reading, but most often just very focused on one or two topics or situations. Great for times when all you really need to call about is a job offer, whether you have picked the right babysitter or your loan will be approved.

Starting general and going deeper - $60 Usually lasting about half an hour, this is my most popular for anyone who would like to start without a specific focus, but eventually follow the message of the cards to what resonates in your life.

Couples reading - $100 - Why not have a reading with your partner? Actually, I only recommend this for healthy couples who want to explore a reading together in a spirit of curiosity and love, or for struggling couples who are mature enough to come to the reading with a sense of openness to either growth and healing or the new directions revealed by the reading.

Laying It All On the Table: $ 120 Many of my clients choose this only when they either have a very complex situation in their life that will benefit from deeper analysis, or just the need to run through many aspects of their life in one session.

Yi Jing ( I Ching ) reading - $ 75 - A reading with the Yi Jing has its own tempo and beauty. I use multiple methods of working with the symbols and the text to create a thorough and deep reading that we discuss together.

Email readings:
I combine my methods to give you the best reading possible. $20 per question.


From now through December, I am offering my largest reading, Laying It All On the Table for $80 instead of $120.

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