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Using tarot and oracle cards with intuition and the messages I receive from my guides, I provide honest readings that are meant to help you work through the questions on your mind in order to help you discover (or return to) the path you were truly meant to take.

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My entire life, I have been on what I consider the outer edge of my surroundings. I grew up in Texas in a very heavily Baptist area. I do not believe that I am the only member of my family that possesses psychic and medium gifts, however due to the atmosphere that surrounds us, I do believe that I am the only member of my family who fully embraces and fosters the growth of my gifts. However, this did not begin to happen until I was in high school. While I was an imaginative child, I was taught by those in power around me that my gifts and interests were not "real" or "normal" and as such, I resisted and hid them as much as I could while I was growing up.
I have always been intuitive and clairsentient. As a result, many people have come to me for advice and consultation based upon my "feelings" on matters. I began reading tarot and oracle cards as a way to better understand myself and the directions I needed to take, but I have expanded into reading for others. I remind all of those that I consult that what I am providing them is not set in stone, but merely a guide. I firmly believe that the cards show us the path to come as things are in the present moment, and it is completely up to the individual whether or not those things will come to pass, as we all have the power within us to change our destiny for the better if we choose to do so.


I began reading tarot solely for myself to better understand what paths were available to me. As more and more friends and family began coming to me for advice based on my intuition and clairsentience, I began doing brief readings for them as well. I have also done readings at parties. Now, however, I read a wide variety of cards - not just a simple single tarot deck - and combine this with the other gifts and messages I have been given to help provide advice and offer solutions and guidance to issues that my clients may be facing.


I begin by asking for four things: a name, a birth date, a favorite color, and the question the client is looking for insight into. I begin by pulling from tarot and oracle decks. This could be from one deck or many - it depends greatly upon what calls to me for the client. I then look at the message from the cards and combine it with any feelings or insight I am picking up from the client or the situation. I then provide all of this information in a way that is clear and easy to understand. My readings are always given with the understanding that what I uncover may not be what a client wants to hear, but what they need to hear in order to make the right decision or change their course for the better.

Services & Fees

All readings are given via email and a PDF copy of the reading is provided. All prices are USD.

Single Question ($5): One question only. This is a basic 1-3 tarot card reading, but will often involve at least one oracle card pull as well.

Up to 4 questions ($15): This is a more in-depth reading with tarot and multiple oracle decks.

The Year Ahead ($30): This is a complete reading of tarot and oracle cards that does not answer a question, but instead provides an insight for a full 12-month span.
I offer distance Reiki sessions in 15 minute ($10) and 30 minute ($25) time periods. I only provide a small number of sessions each week and they are on a first come, first serve basis.


For the entire month of June 2019, I am offering single question readings for $4.

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